Texas Hold'em Poker Chain Poker Chain


Introduction of THPC.TOP

Texas Hold 'em Poker Chain (THPC), headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, is operated and managed by THPC.TOP international foundation.

The vision of THPC.TOP is to provide complete technical solutions to the global Texas poker rooms, events, media, institutions, individuals and teams to optimize and integrate industry resources.

In the middle of May, 2018, THPC.TOP has officially started research and development of ecological network based on blockchain technology.

Trigger Points of Industry

Lack of Transparency

Lack of Security on Player’s Assets

Barriers on Circulation and Payment

Discrepancies on National Policies

Imperfection of Industry Ecosystem

Technical Implementation Programme

Based on the underlying technology of Blockchain, THPC succeeds in solving the problems faced by Texas Poker industry through the technical superiority to serve each segment of the upstream and downstream in the industry.

Blockchain RNG

Based on the DPOS consensus mechanism, THPC has designed a protocol with distributed encryption random number to generate the hash for the corresponding results and realize the fairness and transparency of random process and random results through cross-validation verifiable secret sharing and timestamp authentication. Randomness is confirmed by the whole network, which cannot be altered, manipulated or predicted to guarantee the fairness and justice of each competition.

Zero-Knowledge Proof

THPC adopts "Zero-Knowledge Proof" to accomplish the self-verification of its participants for assets, data and information, which fully protects the security of player’s assets and data information, in the meanwhile, it realizes self-verification and qualification certification of the participants.

RSA encryption

THPC node generates public key and private key based on the participants' data and confidential data of competitions. Public key is used for encryption, while private key for decryption. Thus, the authenticity of the data is verified, and its anonymity and security are guaranteed in the Blockchain.

Major Network + Subring

The mutual verification of lightning network between mobile intelligent terminals can guarantee the reliability of information. The main node (AC) synchronizes the collected information with the main network to realize the data uploading in one step. The intercommunication between the devices on the subring no longer occupies the chain resources, making frequent bets tend to be free, which significantly increases the participation of gamers, reduces the costs. In the meanwhile, mutual communication energy consumption between equipment is raised, which makes more equipment log on the chain in a low cost.


Based on the research and development of API with ‘go’ language on THPC, the R&D team will gradually realize the development and construction of multi-language API, such as C++, Python and Java, etc. and offer a series of API interface like restful, rpc and websocket, etc., which can utilize various services of Blockchain, so as to attract social powers to improve the overall capacity of development and provide great convenience to construction of DAPP outsourcing development team.


Giving full play to the features of smart contracts, such as quick transaction, large throughput, small frequency on delay, and low charges during transfers, etc. will reduce the friction costs. In the premise of ensuring the security of assets, THPC will fully protect the safety of user’s data information through the anonymity of Blockchain.

Project Development Progress

THPC Ecosystem

Online Competition Platform

Help traditional online competition platform accomplish DAPP upgrading.

Offline Distributed Events System

Realize absolute transparency, publicness, fairness of events.

Training and Certification System

Realize the authentication on authority of training agencies, qualification of tutors, professional skills of practitioners, etc. to guarantee the authenticity and reliability of information.

Vertical Media of Texas Poker

Realize the protection of copyrights, increases on flows, directed broadcast and loyalty of users.

Users on THPC

Users can realize the intercommunication on information within THPC ecosystem by making a signature with the private key.


Token Distribution Scheme

Exchange Rate

Total: 10 billion
Soft Cap: 10000ETH, Hard Cap: 15000ETH
First Phase of Private Offerings: 1ETH=126000THPC
Second Phase of Private Offerings: 1ETH=105000THPC

Team and Advisor

Loic le Bellec

CEO of THPC project(France), graduated from HEC Paris, senior investor of gambling industry,operating the Paris ACF club; senior planning of poker events, participating in the organization and planning of multiple brand events; Famous Poker player, the runner-up of Barriere Poker Tour in 2014

Cesar Augusto Bonilla

CTO of THPC project(UK),graduated from the Royal Holloway, University of London, postgraduate on information security research, now a senior network security engineer


Advisor of THPC(South Korea),Graduated from Renmin University of China,receiving a bachelor's degree in international relations during the year 2011. In 2016, he founded "Tong Global" corporation. Began to deal with the investment and marketing of "BLADE" and "Dabanghomme" in 2017, and work as a partner of the SEA FUTURE Capital Ltd in 2018


Co sponsor(South Korea), COO of THPC Korean District, Seoul, South Korea. Once served as the Korean ethics Association, the South Korea Jiangdong District exchange special invitation translation, Yongle Holdings Limited, HK COMPANY and other executives; South Korean private companies and digital money marketing company to invest in the block chain project; the South Korea future investment Co., Ltd. (New CHO) head of South Korea

Phillip Wong

Co sponsor(UK),Partner of Global Chain Group,Super Angels Ventures and Pacific Financial Services. He was in Senior Managenent Positions in listed MNCs including the Pillsbury Group (top 10 in Food Industry), Leighton Contractors (biggest Australian Listed Construction & Mining Co), CFO of Pacificnet (Nasdaq) and the General Manager of 0343.HK

Morgan Da Rocha

Advisor of THPC(France),A French Portuguese, is a well known Texas Poker player, runner-up of "Le Monster stack DE Winamax" (among 3, 000 players), top 6 of "Storm DE poker stars"

Christphone le Bellec

Advisor of THPC(France),The world’s famous Texas Poker player, GPI poker player on the list, championship of "Barriere Poker Tour Toulouse" championship, runner-up of 2014 "Marrakech Poker Open", runner-up of Marrakech Poker Open in 2013


Advisor of THPC(USA),CoinSuper' executive director of the global top 20 digital currency exchange (daily trading volume calculation) graduated from the university of California, Berkeley (2004) before the stock broker (Morgan Stanley), professional poker player, most notably in the 2011 world series of poker tournament (WSOP) main activities in 18th (jackpot of $378000), is also a former supernova elite (pokerstars), and every Sunday to launch "million" program (bonus of up to $81000) on Sunday

Tony Tong

Special Advisor of THPC(HK), is the Co-Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, SuperAngelsVentures.com, Macao Gaming Information Association. Mr. Tong is also a Consultant at Dena Law Firm, a leading PRC Law Firm with over 300 attorneys with offices in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hunan, Hubei, China. He is a frequent and prominent speakers at many International Forums and Conferences

Investment and Cooperation agency


According to the regulatory policies of some countries and regions, both THPC public offering and private placement need strict KYC mechanism, and do not carry out related activities for investors in countries and regions, including China, the United States, Singapore and other countries